Saturday, 31 August 2013

Adventure Activities in Himachal

Some of the major Himachal adventure activities include:

River Rafting: The four rivers- the Sutlej along the city of Shimla, River Beas close to Kullu, the

Ravi River near Chamba and in Lahaul and the river Chandra are being used to give you a once

in a lifetime experience of hopping onto a waterproof dinghy made of rubber and experiencing

the ultimate rush by venturing into the rapids offered by the sinuous rivers. Stopping at a point

and going afloat on the river water is an added experience to the trip. While water rafting has

turned into a rage in the recent years, the state is capitalizing on the same by offering you

dinghy rides of various distances, based on your convenience.

Mountain Cycling: This is another thrilling experience that should be at the top of your

itinerary. Hire a bicycle and pedal away on an expedition around the green hills and valleys.

Himachal adventure activities list is incomplete without this unique sport. Spread your horizon

as there is no limit! You can go where ever you like and be on the road for as long as you want.

Para Gliding: Bir- Billing in Kangra, Solang Valley near Manali, Bundladhar close to Bilaspur are

a few places in Himachal where this freeing sport can be experienced. Fly away with winds and

dip and glide at your will in the valley and above the hills. Summer season is the best for this

amazing sport.

Ice Skating: Shimla houses the largest frozen Ice- skating ring in India. If you are a fan of this fun

sport, then Shimla is the place for you.

Heli- Skiing: The area enclosed by the Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pass, Chandrakhani Pass and

the DeoTibba is the area where the helicopter drops you and leaves you to slide and glide away

on your own accord, with chilly winds whooping past your face.

Angling: Are you fond of fishing? If yes, then you must be aware that the Brown and Rainbow

Trout are the two fishes that have the status of being the best sports fishes; both of which are

found in abundance in the waters here at Himachal. The place that you should visit for fishing is

the Rohru which is a part of the Pabbar Valley, Chirgaon, Mandil and various others.

Trekking, Mountaineering, Rock Climbing are the sports that are associated with each other

and adventure activities in Himachal have these in the top priority set. The Dhauladhar and

PirPanjal ranges are the ideal places for these sport activities. The well-defined, safe yet

adventurous trails will keep you ogling at the surroundings.

   **Pack your bag and get ready to be lured into the fun- filled adventurous trail of Himachal**

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